Spring Garden Update 2017. Recipe Included

Good day and Happy Gardening everyone

Spring planting has been a very busy time here at the Senior Center on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation, but we have everything going and starting to produce. We are still harvesting some winter vegetables like our chard, carrots, beets, onions, cilantro, and some brussels sprouts.

We will also be included recipes of different dishes we create or include from the Healthy Hiaki Kitchens Cook Book. We may event have guests include some of their favorite recipes.

5.3.207 213.jpg
This year we are growing Armenian Cucumbers for the first time. Excited to see how these produce!


5.3.207 211.jpg
Pleasant surprise in the garden this week! We have Hollyhocks! These came up by themselves along the edge of the garden and they are very beautiful.

Tomatoes: I started a nice variety of tomatoes this year for the Senior Garden. I was like hmmmmm, we should try some new varieties and see how they produce. So, some of the new varieties of tomatoes include Brandy Wine tomatoes, which is a larger sized slicing tomato which may prove to be a challenge in S. Arizona. But, as you can see below the Brandy Wine tomatoes are doing very well so far. We also have several Romo tomatoes for the first time this year. Other favorites tomatoes include Pearson Improved,  Yellow Pear, Early Girls and some Tomatillos for some yummy green salsa!

5.3.207 209.jpg
Another new variety of tomato we are trying this year include the ever popular Brandy Wine.

Peppers: We love peppers! This year we have some Wenks Yellow Hots, Sonoran Chiltipens, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Chimayo, and Pico De Gallo chili  peppers.


5.3.207 096.jpg
Tomatillos started to set fruit! We have around 5 plants this year that are doing very well.
5.3.207 101.jpg
Garden is full of beneficial insects.
5.3.207 115.jpg
We have 2 pomegranate trees this year that are setting fruit as well.
5.3.207 129.jpg
Wild Purslane or verdolagas grows in the garden every year. verdolagas usually grow wild during the monsoon season, but these grow every year around Spring and into the Monsoon season. Eat the weeds! it’s a super food.

Recipes: A new section or feature we will be adding to this blog is a part about healthy garden to table recipes. Some will be straight out of the Healthy Hiaki Kitchens Cook Book which was published back in 2006. 2nd edition.

Verdolagas Recipe courtesy of the Healthy Hiaki Kitchens Cook Book.

The picture on the right below included verdolagas cooked basic, just by boiling them with like the verdolagas I recipe. We later added some nopalitos and beans.

5.3.207 136.jpg
I’itoli Onion harvest.
5.3.207 206.jpg
Different types od squash and zucchini.

Thanks all!

Happy gardening and many blessings and a bountiful harvest



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