Happy New Year 2017 – Spring 2017

Good day everyone!

I hope everyone if doing well. We have been busy harvesting all of the remaining winter veggies and preparing for our Spring 2017 garden.

Currently we have harvested most of the cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, and the cauliflower. There is plenty of loose leaf lettuce, parsley, chard, cilantro, and spinach left to keep harvesting for a few more weeks.

Lastly, we have started all of the peppers and tomatoes for our spring 2017 gardens! The seeds were sown around Christmas 2016, and have been indoors since under grow lights. Here is the list of the varieties we will be transplanting soon to the gardens here on the reservation including The Senior Garden, Hiaki High School, and the Vahcom House.

Lastly we ordered seeds from Native Seed Search, most of them are the Yoeme/Mayo varieties from Sonora, Mexico.

Some of the tomato and pepper starts

Tomatoes: Pearson Improved, Early Girl, Roma, Yellow Pear, Tomatillos, and Brandy Wine. These bigger tomatoes should do well and very excited to see how well they produce.

Peppers: Habanero, Jalapeno, Chiltepin, Wenks Yelow Hots, and a New Mexico Green Chili “Chimayo”

Other varieties we are experimenting with: Emerald Fire Jalapenos, Indigo Rose Tomatoes, and Indigo Cherry Drop Tomatoes.

Kohlrabi Harvest 2/2/2017
Pepper & Tomato Starts! ready to be transplanted soon!

Thanks for following and happy gardening!

We have some new gardening projects in 2017 and possibly another tour of the gardens with a lunch served afterwards.

Stay tuned 🙂

Thanks ~ Pete



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