Yaqui Tribe – Senior Garden Tour 2016

Good morning!

We just had our 1st garden tour at the Senior Garden located on the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Reservation. We had a very successful tour, and we wish to thank everyone that came out early Saturday morning. I am truly grateful for everyone that attended the tour. We met old friends, made some new ones, honored to have guests and interns form Native Seed Search and Flower & Bullets.

Special thanks to Mr. Louis David Valenzuela “Yoeme Carver” for his presentation on gourds and how they are an important part of the Yoeme culture. We had displays of dried gourds, gourd carvings, bowls, spoons, carvings, rattles, and drums for our guests.

The main highlight of the tour were the gourds that are growing all throughout the garden. At last count we have over 123 gourds on the vine, an many more flowers growing for the best harvest ever. All of these gourds will be used in the community to make traditional rattles, instruments, as well as gourd art and other crafts.

Garden Updates: Very grateful and blessed to work with Stacy Peercy and Mr. Walls and the Hiaki High School students. We their generousity we received a lot of garden supplies! The students delivered all the supplies on Friday morning and helped us set up for the tour as well.

In the garden: Mayo melons, watermelons, Hopi Black sunflowers, chiltipen, lots and lots of chili peppers, an herb bed with oregano, parsley, cilantro, thyme,  and Yoeme basil. Cabbage, broccoli, squash, and lots of okra.

In Process: We will be clearing out some of the beds to make room for some more fall veggies very soon!

Seed starting: Fall veggies started: Swiss chard, spinach, brussel sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, collards, cabbage, kale, mustard, celery, lettuce, turnips, and beets.

Future: Stacy Peercy our nutritionist here at the Tribe has been very busy assisting with the garden! hands on working in the garden and will be conducting some garden to table cooking classes soon for the seniors. The Hiaki High School students will also be making weekly visits to the garden to assist the seniors in any way thy can.

Thank you so much everyone! We really truly appreciate all of the people that are part of this garden.

Many blessings ~ Pete Jr. and Pete Sr.

10.3.2016 012.jpg
Hiaki High Students helping set up



10.3.2016 016.jpg
Students harvesting peppers!



10.3.2016 022.jpg
Grateful  for the garden supplies


10.3.2016 023.jpg
Seed Starting


10.3.2016 024.jpg
Thanks! time to tend the garden


10.3.2016 025.jpg
More supplies – Truly blessed


10.3.2016 026.jpg
Setting up a display of gourds


10.3.2016 031.jpg
Mingling before the tour



10.3.2016 032.jpg
Diovanti made some chilaquiles
10.3.2016 048.jpg
Showing off some gourds
10.3.2016 034.jpg
Mr. Valenzuela’s presentation on gourds – Water Drums


10.3.2016 037.jpg
Gourd presentation
10.3.2016 021.jpg
Gourd display
10.3.2016 040.jpg
Gourd Rattles – Process



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