Late Spring/Early Summer at the Yoeme Garden

Good day gardening friends!
Been a while, but we have been busy out at the senior garden on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation.
1st grateful for a beautiful garden and the recent visitors to the garden for our neighbors from O’odham, Maricopa, and Gila River communities.
If there is any way we can assist your garden or gardening project please let us know.

Some of the Updates

The 10 raised beds were all taken out and were cleaned up, resealed, and put back for Spring 2016 planting. This was a huge task for my dad, me, and the volunteers that help out at the garden. 1st all of the Fall plants had to be harvested in order for the beds to be taken out, then each bed was flipped over and placed on its side for the cleaning then for the resealing step of the process. It took about two weeks to complete all 10 beds.
Some of the beds resealed and placed back ready for Spring planting.
Really excited to have the seniors from the senior center come out to do their own planting in the raised beds.
  • Looks like a variety of flowers were sown, and some beans (was not there to record the varieties, so we shall see!)

New Spring Planting – Tomatoes!

  • Early Girl (bed-4)
  • 2 Texas Wild (bed-4)
  • 2 Coyote (bed-4)
Beds starting to produce tomatoes
Early Girl Tomatoes

Chili Peppers

  • Jalapeno (last year, and some new from seed)
  • Habanero
  • Chitipens (last years)


Peppers and gourds in the background

3-Sisters (in ground, all started form seeds from Native Seed Search)

  • Grey Zucchini
  • Mayo Melon
  • Popcorn – Tarahumara Epachi
  • Corn – Navajo Yellow
  • Squash – Magdalena Cushaw
  • Beans – O’odham Pink

Excited and nervous about the corn. 2 different types may cross, but we shall see what happens and post an update here.

Corn, squash blossoms, and beans along the bottom.
3 sisters
Navajo Yellow Corn
Zucchini and Corn



Sunflowers – Hopi Dye (seeds from Native Seed Search)

Called “tceqa” by the Hopi, the blue/black hull is used traditionally for wool and basket dye, and as eye medicine, but the seed is also edible.(NS/S) More information on this sunflower here  hopi-black-dye-sunflower

We will harvest the seeds and for roasting and possibly to make a dye. Suppose to make a maroon purple color. Really excited to try this out this summer.

Hopi Dye Sunflowers


Gourds – Lots and lots of gourds! This should be the best harvest of gourds to date. We have close to 80 plants around the perimeter of the garden, which the gate will be used as a trellis for the gourd vines.
Beautiful Gourd Blooms
Around 40 gourd plants in this row
Fire Wheel

Thank you all!  and happy gardening and keep growing your own food!

~ Yoeme Gardener


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