Spring 2016 – What’s going on?

Good day all happy gardeners!

Just a few updates on our Spring Garden for 2016, and the last of the winter harvests.

Tomatoes and chili peppers have all been started and soon will be transplanted to their new home here at the Senior Garden. This year we have the following tomato varieties:

  • Nichols Heirloom (smaller cherry type tomato – indeterminate)
  • Pearson Improved (medium sized tomato – determinate)
  • Super Sioux (medium sized tomato – indeterminate)
  • Texas Wild (cherry tomato – indeterminate)

Chili peppers starts:

  • Jalapenos
  • Yellow Hots
  • Sweet Bells
  • NuMex Twilight

Winter updates:

Winter gourds. Summer gourds are already in the ground for 2016
Broccoli if still producing nicely
Garlic planted early December will be ready to harvest around June 2016
Swiss Chard harvest

Soon we will be headed to Native Seed Search for some seeds for our summer plants. There is a local seed exchange coming up also which we will be attending to hopefully trade/swap some seeds and starts. Details on the seed exchange here: TBG Spring Seed Exchange.

Also super excited to get invited to help participate in a new gardening program being started here on the reservation for recovery program. Looking forward to helping out in any way we can.

Thank you, and many blessings ~ Pete

message or email if you have any questions.


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